5 Easy Updates to Knock-Off Your Summer Maintenance Checklist

As Summer approaches, your home starts to feel the heat. Changing weather conditions can cause some needed maintenance within your home. There are a number of things that should be done to your residence before Summer finally hits Kansas City to insure that future damages are not incurred. We know your list of repairs and updates can be miles long, but here are the top 5 Maintenance To-Do Items to check off before Summer.

Top 5 Maintenance To-Do’s Before Summer

1. Clean your air conditioner filters. 

It has been quite some time since you last used your air conditioner, so make sure that before you crank it up, you change your air filters. Not only will dust and debris come cascading through your vents, but keeping your vents clean can also help your A/C unit work more efficiently.

Your air conditioner has been dormant for the past few months, so the last thing you want is when you finally need that cool breeze is a broken unit. Make sure you clean the A/C unit and the filters before starting up and avoid costly repairs and an uncomfortable few weeks of taking turns standing in front of your fan to keep cool.

2. Attic and basement inspections

Empty wooden attic with sky lights

Whether you are looking to avoid rising electric bills – checking your home and especially your basement and attic for leaks or open airways is an important part of keeping up with home maintenance with the season’s change. Don’t let the cool air escape your home so easily, check your attic and basement for cracks or air leaks to avoid rising bills! But you are not just checking to save a few extra dollars on your bill – 

While usually larger pests like rodents like to seek refuge in warm homes during the cooler seasons, bugs and other critters can make their way inside during the warmer months as well. Wasps, ants, and spiders all go dormant in the winter only to show up and take over once the warmer weather returns. If they find an opening into your home, they are likely to move on in and you are left to deal with trying to exterminate your unwanted house guests. Avoid the problem altogether by checking for loose windows or cracks and holes in the basement and attic of your home before it becomes a problem.

Pests are not the only living beings to make a home in your attic or basement. While summers in Kansas and Missouri bring uncomfortable muggy heat; Fall, Winter, and Spring bring a lot of rain and snow. You might not have noticed the leak in your attic or the water damage in the basement in the winter, but with rising temperatures and a moist environment, mold can start to eat away at your home. Not only does mold ruin the structure of your home by eating away at the material, but it can create spores that are dangerous to inhale. Avoid mold growing in your home by identifying the issue before it starts.

3. Clean or replace window screens. 

As warmer weather starts coming around, you might opt to open your windows for some fresh air and a cool breeze. What you don’t want is battered screens that may bring in bugs or pollen residue that accumulated from the past year. Without clean window screens, the slightest breeze could bring a lot of dirt and pollen into your home and onto your surfaces. Window screens act as a barricade to keep the pests, dirt, and grime out. Making sure you are routinely cleaning of them will make sure that you can open your windows without worry. You’ll be able to enjoy a nice Summer breeze without worrying about the outdoors coming indoors.

4. Wash the driveway or patio. 

Similar to your window screens you will want to wash your driveway and patio. A good power-washing goes a long way to keep your home looking beautiful. When you want to maintain your curb appeal making sure your home and driveway are power washed is one sure-fire way to keep things looking new, but power washing your driveway has many benefits beyond curb appeal.

Your driveway takes on a lot, think about all the extreme weather and use your driveway takes on year in and year out. Your driveway slowly accumulates dirt and debris from its years of use that can compromise the structure of your driveway. Seeds then get packed into the cracks and crevices within your driveway and left unchecked can start to sprout, the roots compromising your driveway further. Driveways can last up to 30 years if maintained, but if left to the elements they deteriorate at an alarming rate. Taking the simple step of power washing your driveway, making sure you get into each crevice, can save you thousands in the long run.

5. Reverse your ceiling fans. 

White ceiling fan and ceiling

Something that is often forgotten about is reversing the way your ceiling fan spins. Ceiling fans help circulate the air to make sure the room temperature stays regulated. It is able to do this by pushing air up or down – depending on the direction it is spinning. This is possible through the slight tilt you can see on the individual fan blades. In the summer you want these to spin so that the air points down sending a cool breeze through the room. 

When reversing your fan, you will want to first dust off the blades as dust accumulates rapidly on them, and reversing before cleaning can result in an unwanted cleanup. Once the ceiling fan has been properly cleaned you will want to locate the switch. This is usually found on top of the fan or at the base of the fan. Make that slight switch and feel the difference when you turn the fan on. 

Not only does this help you keep cool during those hot summer months, but it is another great way to help you regulate your home’s temperature and keep your electric bill down. When the ceiling fan is left on to circulate the air in the room and provide a cool breeze, your A/C unit will not have to work as hard to maintain your ideal temperature. Keep cool and keep money in your pocket with this easy summer maintenance update.

Need Help Getting Your Home Summer Ready?

These are just 5 easy updates you can do on your own to make sure your home is prepared for the warmer months, but if you find damages or have other maintenance projects you are looking to have done, don’t hesitate to call us here at Maintenance KC. We are here to help with all your seasonal maintenance needs.

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