Home Maintenance Tips for Aspiring DIY-ers

Homeownership comes with a lot of responsibilities! If you’re not a trained tradesman or professional, there are going to be maintenance and repair issues that will inevitably need to be hired out. However, if you’re looking to add some handy skills to your tool belt, there are plenty of tasks around the home that you can learn quickly, even if you’re a beginner!

Just remember, one of the biggest risks to tackling a home project on your own, is finding out that you’re in way over your head. Be sure that you’re not biting off more than you can chew and don’t be afraid to enlist a professional if things start to go awry.

Luckily, Maintenance KC knows that not every job requires expert services. Sometimes you just need a little guidance in the right direction. With the experience we’ve gained as Kansas City’s leading residential and commercial maintenance company, we’ve compiled some of the tips and tricks that may be helpful for amateur fixers in their future attempts at knocking stuff off the Honey-Do list.

DIY Electrical Work Needs Proper Preparation 

Electrical maintenance is a common find on most people’s to-do lists. Wiring and light fixtures can get pretty complicated for DIY fixers, even if they have a knowledge of their home’s inner workings.

The cardinal rule for maintenance is the same for doctors: do no harm. One of the safest first steps you can take when doing any kind of electrical work is shutting off the current to the work area. Before you get started, trip the breakers that correspond with the room you are working on from the main electrical panel. It’s the safest way to avoid finding out what electricity tastes like. 

There are several minor electrical fixes, like replacing your outlets and switches, or hanging new light fixtures, that you can do as the homeowner. More involved fixes will likely require a licensed electrician in order to pass inspection. 

Painting is the Perfect Do it Yourself Project

Painting is one of the most common do-it-yourself tasks around the house. It seems like a simple task, but it’s actually a lot more involved than many people give it credit for.

If you’re tackling this chore without a professional, make sure you’re taking the time to tape off the room, lay drop cloths, and prime the walls well. Investing in good equipment, primer, and paint will go a long way to a desirable final product. Test out your brushes and/or rollers ahead of time to make sure you’re getting the texture you want. Take your time and make sure you’re getting an even coat. Pay attention to how much paint you go through on the first coat to make sure you have enough left over for coats two and three if you need them!

Hanging Pictures and Shelves

Decorating your home takes finesse! Hanging picture frames, shelves, and other decorative items can be a tedious process. The key is in preparation and measuring. You want to limit the number of holes you put into your beautifully painted wall and ensure everything you hang is straight on the first try!

Make sure the nails, screws, and/or anchors you’re using are strong enough to hold what you’re hanging. Measure and mark where you need to make your holes on the wall first. Then, use a piece of masking tape to connect your marks, measure again, and use a level to make sure it’s straight.

The Honey-Do List | DIY Within Reason for your Spouse or Partner

These are just some of the tidbits we’ve gathered in our years of residential and commercial maintenance experience. Maintenance KC offers a variety of services, including electrical, plumbing, painting, doors and windows, roofs, HVAC, and general maintenance! Our technicians have years of experience, the tools, and customer service skills to knock any to-do list out of the park! So if you need an expert or just a general Mr. Fix It, give us a call or go online to get a free quote for our services! 

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