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About Maintenance KC - Handyman Contractors and Make Ready Services

Our company started out with the goal of providing handyman services that would allow for you to use just one company for all of your home repair needs.

We get it. Hiring 10 companies to come out to do your interior painting, roof repairs, plumbing repairs, door fixes, etc... is annoying. And time consuming. You could spend hours if not days waiting on all of the quotes from the various home repair contractors.

And then you have the inevitable contractor who prices something ridiculously high that you have to go get a second and third quote. Just for painting alone, you may end up having to get 5 quotes!

At Maintenance KC, we strive to bring you an affordable handyman service where you can make one call to get all of your house repair needs taken care of.

You might have us come over to fix an electrical problem and quickly realize you also have your front door that needs repairing, your roof needs to be looked at, your kitchen sink is leaking, and 15 other things. Well, we can actually handle it all! No need to call 15 different companies.

We're here for you. Give us a call today at 816-203-1150 and we'll be happy to provide top-notch handyman services at an affordable price. 

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"We had a fairly simple problem - our master bedroom door was broken. We called Maintenance KC and then fixed it the same day we called. They were quick, easy to work with, and super affordable. We'll use them again"

- Kyle, Independence, MO

Why Choose Us For Your Next Handyman Job?

Honesty and integrity are sometimes hard to find in the contractor world, especially in home repairs.

At Maintenance KC, we pride ourselves on our straight-forward, no-nonsense nature where we make it our goal to always be honest with you. If something takes 10 seconds to fix, we aren't going to charge you $250 for it. We'll fix it and let you know it was an easy one.

We aren't out to make a quick buck. We are here to service your home repair needs with the utmost expertise and affordability. Not only is it in our nature to provide 100% honesty at all times, we also know that it's a good way to do business.

After all, if we provide a tremendous service to you at a great price and you're very happy, wouldn't you most likely call us again next time something happens?

We don't want to serve you just once. We want to be your handyman contracting company for the next 15 years.