The Dreaded Inspection List & Their Common Repairs

Inspection Nightmares: 3 Common No-Go’s and Their Fixes Buying or selling a property can be a harrowing experience for anyone; financial vetting, the constant invasion of privacy while potential buyers view the property, finding a buyer, and getting through the paperwork to set up a sale. Maybe worse than that is when you get through the entire process, have all … Read More

The Do’s and Dont’s: 5 Tips for New House Flippers

You might be going into the world of house flipping with a sense of cautious optimism, but also a sense of dread that you might be getting in way over your head. Do not fear! There are a few tips and tricks you can use in your next house flipping project that should help you avoid the pitfalls of house … Read More

The Honey-Do List: House Projects

a hammer lying on a wood with nails

Certain maintenance projects are better left for professionals. As fun as it might seem to start a DIY project in your home. It is important that your partner understands their limitations. These 10 types for maintenance projects are certainly a “no-go” for your honey to be performing.