The Dreaded Inspection List & Their Common Repairs

Inspection Nightmares: 3 Common No-Go’s and Their Fixes

Buying or selling a property can be a harrowing experience for anyone; financial vetting, the constant invasion of privacy while potential buyers view the property, finding a buyer, and getting through the paperwork to set up a sale. Maybe worse than that is when you get through the entire process, have all your paperwork and legal documents properly signed, everything filed in a timely fashion, and all the financial legwork out of the way – only for the home inspector to send the deal down in flames. Home inspectors are trained to find problems with your home that you haven’t even heard of, and can send buyers sprinting in the other direction with words like “liability”, “extensive damage”, and “an actual disaster”. 

It’s important to remember, that while some aspects of the home inspection can be negotiated, it can still leave a laundry list of items you might be on the hook to fix. Lucky for you, you’ve been armed with the knowledge and expertise of Maintenance KC, the Kansas City area’s premier home and commercial property repair services. Today, we’ll be discussing some of the most common home inspection red flags, as well as the fixes that will have your property ready to sell. 

Problem: Electrical Issues  

Electrical problems are one of the most common problems listed in home inspections, from older houses to brand new builds. It’s become common to find non-functional fuses, outlets near water sources without GFCI switches, wires that are either uninsulated or multiple that are wired to the same fuses, and other corner-cutting mistakes. Electricians tend to try and do the most work the fastest. While it results in properties being built on deadline or ahead of schedule, when it comes time to resell, inspectors will have a field day in the walls and at your circuit panel. 

Fix: Call an Electrician 

While it may feel like an excess expense to hire an electrician, getting the electrical systems in your house within codes and regulations can be a nasty job to take on without professional training. If you do know what you’re doing, you could be looking at a lengthy timetable, a hefty personal investment, and the potential to make things worse. 

If you don’t know what you’re doing, the question is less about potentially breaking something and more about potentially shocking yourself into next year, and DEFINITELY breaking something. We understand the urge to do it yourself, but this is one of those times where it’s really just not worth it. On the bright side, if you do it yourself, the money you save can go towards the hospital bills and then the electrician you’ll need to pay to fix it. 

Problem: Plumbing Issues 

Moving down the list to something that is still pretty common, but also easier to notice, is plumbing problems. Everyone can hear the grumble of a clogged toilet or a faulty kitchen sink, but home inspectors will be looking more in-depth. This means things like leaking pipes, mold or rust, problems with the main water line, and drainage. It’s something a lot of property owners don’t even think about until the home inspector arrives, and suddenly, that funny-looking brown stain in the attic is $800 worth of water damage. 

Fix: See something, Say something 

This is more of a preemptive fix than an active one, but when it comes to dealing with plumbing, that’s normally the best course of action to take. Some people will rationalize their way of getting something in their home looked at until they are blue-in-the-face, and those are the people who will be paying out-the-nose for hefty repairs when it comes time to sell. Don’t wait until the damage is more extensive than it could’ve been, or even past the point of return, to get that funny-looking spot on the wall looked at. Get it looked at, get it fixed, and be happy it ends there. 

Problem: General Home Maintenance Issues 

This may sound too vague to be a problem, but it’s the exact logic home inspectors use when they walk into a home. Inspectors are trained to look for anything that constitutes a code violation. You may think that ancient insect stains from bees that are long gone or the gate that hasn’t closed right since you moved in weren’t real problems, but home inspectors will have you bending over backward to see your home’s red flags. You never really realize how much you just live with until a home inspector comes walking through. 

Fix: Keep it Clean and Up-to-Date 

One of the most common ways homes fall into various states of disrepair is via general apathy. No one wants to spend what free time they have fixing various issues with their house after they spent the week at work, traveling, or with family. Sometimes it simply has to be done. The longer you wait, the more things pile up and the worse they get. Suddenly, you’re dealing with a much bigger problem than when it started. Even something as simple as keeping a basic tool kit on hand or a general handyman to fix small things can keep your property well-equipped for future sales. 

If Only You Could Do All of This With Just One Phone Call

Wouldn’t it be awesome if, with just one phone call, you could accomplish all of these things or with one click, you could get someone who could fix anything on your inspection list? With Maintenance KC, it is absolutely within reach. Our team is staffed with experts on everything from electrical, plumbing, roofing, painting, doors, windows, and just about anything else you could think of. With just one click, we’ll be at your door to give a free quote and we’ll be ready to fix anything in your home. Maintenance KC is ready to help. All you need to do is give us a call and watch us work. 

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