Handyman and Home Maintenance Services in Kansas City

Handyman and Home Maintenance Services in Kansas City

Your local handyman contractor in Kansas City, Missouri. We exist to bring you the highest quality handyman and maintenance services at the most affordable price.

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Handyman in Kansas City MO


When something breaks at your house, you soon see yourself searching for multiple trade services contractors for repair needs. However, when you find the right handyman on call in Kansas City, MO, it means one provider for every concern.

A minor water leak requires demolition, new drywall installation, painting, and more, creating an expensive mess that requires several contractors. Or, you could choose the best in local handyman repair services, saving you more on maintenance for any items, including:

Roofing Leaks
Plumbing Leaks
Electrical Problems
Appliance Installation Issues
Exterior & Interior Painting
Home Inspection Checklists
Property Management Problems
And more common issues

Handyman Kansas City remains your trusted choice in Kansas City maintenance solutions for any problems your home struggles with now. From roofing leaks to clogged drains, cracked drywall, and more, we can solve every repair you need at lower costs.

Why hire several pricey service contractors for the same job, when you can save more on quality repairs for less? Contact us today to address all of your household punch items, and we guarantee better results for any lingering issues.

What Our Customers Say

“We were selling a home in Kansas City and needed a ton of work done to the plumbing. Little did we know, the plumbing fixes would require painting, drywall fixes, and door repairs. We called Maintenance KC and they literally fixed it all in one go-around. We didn't have to call 3 different contractors. So easy and super affordable. 5 Stars!!!"

- Joanne Jenkins, Kansas City, MO

“Our roof was leaking into the attic. We could not for the life of us figure out what was going on. We called Maintenance KC because we figured we had more than just a roofing leak. Sure enough, that one leak, which they fixed, lead to a bunch of repairs in the attic. These guys fixed everything and got us back up to 100%"

- Phil Doss, Kansas City, MO

“We had a couple of annoying light switches that wouldn't control what we wanted. One light switch would turn off, and the other would just stop working entirely. Super weird. We called for a quote on what it would take to fix our electrical problem and got a super fair offer. Had them come over and they had it fixed within an hour. Awesome!"

- Linda Dorian, Kansas City, MO

Handyman Services in Kansas City MO

Many different materials, surfaces, and fixtures work together to make your house feel like home, and we repair them all. From issues your spouse hasn’t looked at yet, to fixing your siding, we can tackle any project you need.

Our experienced repair team has the level of skill and know-how to complete any request without sacrificing professional quality results. No matter where you have discovered leaks, gaps, structural concerns, and more, we have a practical solution ready to go.

Contact our service team today to experience the best in local handyman solutions for any maintenance concerns you have discovered. We offer the best in local repair solutions for more fixtures and surfaces, keeping your home at its best with:

  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Electrical Services
  • Flooring Maintenance
  • Door Repair
  • Roofing Services
  • Painting & Siding
  • Honey Do Lists
  • Home Inspection Repair List
  • And more handyman services.

Whatever it takes to keep your residence at its peak level of performance, you can rely on us for results. Choose the local handyman team that continues serving more homes throughout the area with affordable repair services and maintenance items.

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Services We Provide:

Handyman Plumber

Licensed, Certified, Insured

Hiring a plumber means finding a contractor that can service water heaters, toilet installation, kitchen sinks, and other plumbing issues. Our team of expert handymen contractors knows how to address any problems with your bathrooms, appliances, water heaters, and more.

Handyman Electrician

Electrician Near Me

When you call a dedicated electrical engineer to handle your home’s wiring issues, they charge hundreds for minor repair services. We guarantee a more affordable and reliable experience each time you choose us for maintenance, installations, and other electrical items.

Flooring Maintenance

Hardwood an Vinyl Floor Repair

At first, a squeaky floor panel seems charming, but then it quickly becomes a nuisance each time that it squeals. From cracked tiles to warped wood floors, carpeting, and other materials, we can manage them all at lower daily costs.

Door Repair

Broken Door Repairs

If a door doesn’t fit into a square frame, it won’t close or lock properly, leaving your home more vulnerable. Even your hallways’ interior doors that need repairs soon become frustrating, and we can manage any doorways that need service.

Roofing Services

For Roof Repair Needs

It may not look like such a significant problem now, but that missing shingle will allow more leaks to happen. We can assist you the best with missing tiles, damaged shingles, roofing leaks, and more common issues related to roofs.

Painting & Siding

Interior and Exterior Paint

Over time, even the toughest siding materials get left looking cracked, worn, and crumbling from severe weather and daily sun exposure. Choose us to repair and paint your siding, as well as interior painting services, to keep your place looking great.

Honey Do List Handyman

Expert Repair Contractors

You’ve been nagging your partner for weeks to reattach the wood handrail to your backyard deck, but it’s still off. No matter what items you have lingering in your home, our team knows how to leave it like new again.

Home Inspection Checklist

Real Estate Home Inspection Checklists

Before you can sell your house, a certified home inspector must give it the okay to transfer ownership without harm. And because we’ve been handling more types of repairs for years, we know how to pass your inspection with ease.


Why Hire Our Handyman Contractors?

It seems as though homeowners today find themselves stuck between handling their repair needs and preventing higher annual maintenance costs. Unfortunately, when you want something managed the right way with certified technicians, it often proves the most expensive as well.

When you hire our expert handyman repair team, it means saving tons on the same level of quality every day. Our staff continues to provide the best results possible for more service items, keeping your costs lower for everything, including:

  • Annual Maintenance Needs
  • Immediate Service Requests
  • Missing Roof Tiles
  • Clogged Plumbing Fixtures
  • Flickering Lights
  • Leak Detection
  • And more.

Whether your residence requires scheduled maintenance and routine repairs, or something important broke, you can rely on us for service. Choosing us means managing more of your lingering issues for less, providing you with convenient solutions for more repair problems.

No matter your future intentions for your residence, our team will ensure that you receive the most use from it. Before you pay a pricey trade service contractor to maintain your repair items, choose us for affordable service options now.

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Best Kansas City MO Handyman Services Near Me

While you could search for a “handyman near me,” we remain your convenient and affordable team for any problems. From not having the time to the know-how of managing your repairs, our staff can handle anything your home needs.

You no longer need to wince when you hear something break, knowing that we always save you more on services. Don’t continue to call expensive trade service companies when our team knows how to repair any items.

When you need a reliable source for more home maintenance solutions, you need Handyman Kansas City.

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