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Stop using unreliable help. Use Maintenance KC.

Proper maintenance and repairs are a crucial facet of any property ownership. But it is even more vital when talking about investment properties. If you flip homes, then you need to know who the investor-friendly contractors are in your area.

Fortunately, if you need a quality contractor in Kansas City, MO, you’ve come to the right spot. Maintenance KC is your one-stop-shop for all your remodeling contractor needs.


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One Maintenance Company For All Your Repair and Renovation Needs

Purchasing a property to flip it requires efficiency and economic decision-making. You know that time is money. So why waste your time searching for multiple contractors when you can get everything you need in one place?

When it’s time to find an investment properties remodeling contractor, reach out to the experts at maintenance KC. Our team has you covered whenever you need a:

  • Residential Contractor
  • House Flip Contractor
  • Rehab Contractor
  • Remodeling Contractor

When you choose to hire our crew, you get excellent craftsmanship for every part of your rehab or remodel
job. From roofing to flooring, we handle all of it. You can save your valuable time for other tasks while we take care of the work on your property.



There is no need for you to interview countless contractors to cover all the work a property requires. Maintenance KC is the go-to company when investors are seeking excellent construction work that covers a range of services.

We are the go-to contractors for property investors in Kansas City, MO. House flipping does not have sustainable profit margins if you spend too much on the remodel work. We know that as an investor, you have to be judicious in who you hire.

You need excellent work at an affordable price. Maintenance KC has you covered. We streamline all of your maintenance and remodel needs by offering a comprehensive range
of services.

As investment property specialists, we understand the hassle of trying to coordinate everything necessary to prepare your property for sale. You can take one enormous hassle off your plate by making Maintenance KC your quality contractor of choice.

Many construction companies do not have investor-friendly contractors. That is, they may cover some of the jobs you need done, but not all. Maintenance KC is the top choice in the Kansas City area for all of your house flipping contractor needs.


No matter what your investment property needs before going on the market,
Maintenance KC can do the job.

When it comes to investment property work, plumbing repairs can be at the top of the to-do list. In most rehab situations, plumbing is old and functioning poorly. There may be leaks or pipes that are not up to code.

And as anyone in construction knows, plumbing work often impacts flooring, walls, and more. Without Maintenance KC on your side, that situation would mean hiring multiple contractors. That scenario can end up adding delays and additional costs.

But when you choose Maintenance KC to be your remodeling contractor, you don’t have to look elsewhere.


Flipping houses is a fun and exciting investment strategy. But it does require careful planning so that you make the most profit possible.

Streamline the process by securing all of your maintenance needs from one contractor. With Maintenance KC on your team, you will enjoy a seamless remodel experience that nets you the most value for your money.

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