Tools for the Job: How Maintenance KC Became Everyone’s Local Handyman

It’s a statement that’s been said almost as long as things have been breaking in America. Whether it’s a leaking pipe, squeaking door, or busted HVAC unit, we all know the feeling of looking online for a repair and balking at the prices. And then, just when it looks like your bank account is in dire straits, someone says the magic words- “Don’t worry about it, I’ve got a guy for that.” Everyone has a guy. Whether it’s your dad, your cousin, your next-door neighbor, or even a total stranger, they are simply known as ‘The Guy.’ He can fix anything, will do it way cheaper than a repair shop, and has usually been doing it for longer than anyone else. No one really knows why ‘The Guy’ can fix as many things as he can, but whether it’s the plumbing in your basement or the wiring in your bedroom, he always has the tools for the job, fixes it when you need him and never complains. Why? It’s simply because he’s the guy for that, whatever that may be. 

Maintenance KC Fixes Everything

We know The Guy, because in a way we are The Guy. Whatever the job may be, Maintenance KC has been fixing big problems for less since our founding, and that mission isn’t going to change. Maintenance KC started because we wanted to provide our services to more people. Everyone has their neighborhood Mr. Fix It, but what if Mr. Fix It could be in neighborhoods all across the city? What if we recruited people who knew a thing or two because they had seen a thing or two? Our business is in fixing things, but our values are in the place we call home. Maintenance KC started as a fix-it-shop on Cherry Street and has grown into a residential and commercial maintenance machine. Our team has only grown bigger, but even as we’ve expanded to fixing things outside of our hometown, our roots have remained in Kansas City and guided everything we do. At the end of the day, its about helping people. Just like the guy in your neighborhood, he can do it for less because he knows it’s better to help someone in need than to railroad them over money. It’s just what he does, and it’s what we do too. 

Maintenance KC is Evolved

Maintenance KC was based on the idea that if we assembled a team that could fix a variety of things, and charged less for it, we could turn a profit and help people. It’s always been our goal to use the skills our team has amassed to help people in need, and as we’ve grown helping out has remained at the core of our mission. What can we help you with? Just what ‘The Guy’ can help you with: anything that needs fixing! 

The diverse skills our team at Maintenance KC brings to the table can help you with a variety of fixes, from nagging issues to more in-depth repairs. Having a bevy of skills is just one of the things that set us apart from specialized repair shops. We can knock four things off your chore list for the same cost a specialized shop would charge you to do one. We pride ourselves on great customer service, strong professional skills, and being there when you need us. We’ve made it our business to be able to fix whatever household maintenance concerns could creep up, and our team of trained repairmen has years of experience that can help you no matter the problem that arises. 

Contact Us Today About Your Project

So don’t put off that maintenance project that’s been nagging you for as long as it has. When you need something fixed, big or small, don’t let yourself be overcharged by specialized shops for things that can be fixed by someone local for less. Maintenance KC has the people, the skills, and the customer service to handle every household repair need at a price and timeframe that works for you. We offer free quotes on any of the jobs you might need help with, and fast professional services that will have your home back in working order before you can even ask. It’s why we specialize in checking things off your Honey Do List because it’s where we got our start and why we do what we do. So if you’re looking for home repairs, turn to the team who redefined what a couple of neighborhood Mr. Fix Its can do. Turn to Maintenance KC.

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