Signs Your Home is Asking for a Plumber

bathroom sink running

Plumbing and water heating are two of the most crucial aspects of a residential property. If early signs of water troubles are not repaired as soon as possible, it could lead to thousands of dollars of damage and repair work. The last thing any owner or renter needs to worry about is the additional damage caused to their home by plumbing or hot water issues. No one wants a leaky toilet and no one wants a cold shower.

What Are Signs of Plumbing and Water Heating Issues?

bathroom sink running
You Do Not Have Enough Hot Water

Do you barely have enough hot water for one shower a day? Living in a home with an inadequate water heater to serve all of your hot water needs, becomes a desperate balancing act for something as simple as a hot bath, but it could be an indicator of a much bigger issue.

Not having enough hot water for a single shower could be much more than just a small water heater. This scenario usually means something bigger. It could be anything –

  • Aged Water Heater
  • Small Leaks
  • An issue with the water pump
  • An issue with the heater
  • Broken parts

Don’t let what seems like a minor inconvenience turn into a more costly repair or replacement down the line. Make sure you schedule an appointment to have your water heater checked out.

And if you notice water dripping from the unit or a puddle around the bottom of the tank, you will want to take action immediately. A leaking water heater typically indicates a serious internal failure. The faster this is noticed, the less expensive the damage will be. 

Reduced Water Flow // Water Pressure

Changes in water flow rate or pressure may indicate a mineral buildup within your water heater or within the plumbing that connects the unit to various locations inside your home. This is definitely not a warning sign to ignore and handle later. This can continue to build and end up clogging your plumbing or lead to bursts due to increases in pressure. 

If your water pressure has slowly decreased over time it might be time to think about calling a professional to help you avoid larger repairs. If your water pressure has seen a sudden decrease in pressure it is time to call a plumber now. Sudden decreases in pressure could mean much more severe damage has been done to the pipes causing leaks. 

Slow Drainage

At some point, every sink or shower is subject to slow drainage caused by built-up debris like hair or soap scum, usually, these can be quickly resolved with a quick visit to your home improvement store for some Drano or a basic plumbing snake to unclog the pipe. However, when pipes all throughout the house become slow to drain, you could have a clog in the main sewer line. This is considered a plumbing emergency, so if you suspect a clogged sewer line, call a plumber immediately to come to take a look.

Gross Smells from the Drain

When it comes down to it, there is a lot of bacteria hanging out in kitchens and bathrooms, and they can lead to some interesting smells. But a consistent foul smell emanating from the drains could be a sign of a block or a break in the sewer line. 

Again this is a “plumbing emergency” that left unchecked could cost a fortune in repairs. Call a plumber immediately to get the issue addressed before it becomes an even bigger mess.

A Gurgling Toilet

Unless you’ve just flushed it your toilet should be pretty quiet, so if you start to hear a gurgling noise, the fixture may be trying to tell you that there’s an underlying issue. Potential causes of a gurgling toilet include:

  • blocked vent 
  • Broken seal
  • Plugged Sewer Line
  • Broken Flapper

Any of these issues can be frustrating, but some are definitely more serious than others. If you are concerned about doing a toilet DIY fix then it is always best to call a professional to work on your lavatory to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Brown Spots on the Ceiling

You might be noticing some discoloration happening on your ceiling. It could be a light yellow or brown spot. These are not “wear and tear” marks on a home and should be investigated much further. Brown spots on the ceiling are more than just unsightly; they may be a sign that water’s leaking directly above. 

While painting over the stain might hide the problem initially, the stain will return and the next time around will come with more damage done to your ceiling. Make sure you inspect the whole area and check for the following – 

  • Is the spot dripping?
  • Is the spot getting bigger over time?
  • Is the spot damp to the touch?
  • Do you notice more discoloration after particular points in time (after a shower, after the toilet is flushed, after company visits, etc)?
  • Is there paint chipping?

Depending on these factors you might have an old stain or a larger leak that needs repairs. So don’t just paint over the spot, monitor the location, determine a cause, and then schedule plumbing and ceiling repairs to address the root cause and fix the damage.

High Water Bills

A sudden jump in your water bill is more than just a pain in the wallet. It is also a sign that something has changed in your plumbing system. If you have not done anything to justify an increase in water usage (such as: filling up a pool, watering your lawn more than usual, or an extended stay from guests) you might need to do some deeper inspections of your home. Some common causes – 

  • A leaky faucet
  • A constant running toilet
  • A broken pool pump
  • A pipe leak
white bathroom with a toilet and standing shower

Of these, the most common source of the water bill jump is a constant running toilet. A toilet valve is essentially a garden hose going at full blast, if the toilet is not working properly, does not seal properly, or has a sticky handle you could be seeing hundreds of dollars worth of water flushed down the toilet on your next water bill. 

Maintenance KC Can Help

If reading that list caused some concerns, contact Maintenance KC today! Maintenance KC has plenty of qualified professionals who will give you a quote with a fair price for a quick response, great service, and a solution to the plumbing problem plaguing your home. The staff at Maintenance KC is full of plumbers, electricians, painters, carpenters, and much more. 

Hopefully, you will only need one of them, but if the damage is a lot, know that we have the staff to fix whatever problem that may arise. Water is such a crucial aspect of a home both to keep it running smoothly and to cause destruction. It is important that your home’s plumbing is working properly so that you do not run into any of the expensive and stress-inducing issues that were mentioned above. Notice the early signs of plumbing or water heater issues and if you are unsure, Maintenance KC would be more than happy to give you a quote or check out your home’s problem!

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