Maintenance Solutions for Building and Property Managers: When to Hire the Professionals?

Property management and commercial maintenance can be a daunting job. Neglected homes and apartments, and large, bare-bones buildings that don’t get the proper attention they need can leave a mess for later clean up. 

The longer it takes to fix and repair things on the property, the more dissatisfied your customers and tenants become. Everyone has heard horror stories about building owners who let leaks go, mold grow, or appliances stay broken for way too long. As property managers, you should strive to provide the best conditions for people who have to live or work in your property. But not every manager is equipped with the skills or the knowledge to handle some of these problems.

When to Call a Specialist 

Sometimes, it’s easier and more cost-effective to hire repairs and house maintenance out to the professionals. When you catch and correct maintenance problems early, they are usually easier and less expensive to deal with. Plus, you’re more likely to keep your paying customers happy and avoid harmful negative reviews. 


If you surveyed a hundred property managers and owners and asked them what their biggest fear in one of their buildings could be, it’s a safe bet to say a broken pipe or fixture is near the top of the list. Even the best-built commercial properties experience some form of wear and tear on their plumbing on a day-to-day basis. It might start as the sound of water dripping in the walls, but even a minor leak in the guts of a building can lead to a real hazard to everyone in it. Problems with the plumbing, minor as they may seem, can become major and lead to additional damage to several areas of the building that can add up quickly in cost and labor time, including

  • Walls 
  • Flooring 
  • Electrical
  • Sewage 

Without the multifaceted expertise of a company like KC Maintenance, you would be left to hire multiple contractors and experts with varying degrees of reliability and cost.


Another culprit for long-term projects that can really come back to bite you in the wallet are electrical projects. A flickering bulb or a switch that does nothing might seem like a basic inconvenience, but it could be a sign of a larger problem within the walls of your property. Wiring and circuits can be a complicated business for someone who isn’t qualified to fix it right.

Electrical work is the last place you want to cut corners, especially if you have any intention of reselling the property at some point. Any inspector will have a field day with every loose wire and double wired circuit, and every fine and repair is coming right out of pocket. With KC Maintenance, we do the job right the first time, so you don’t have to worry if the sketchy contractor who worked on the wiring is going to cause a fire.  

Exterior and Interior Repairs

Whether you have plans to resell your property or just want to spruce the place up, curb appeal is a great way to increase sales and drive business. It starts with exterior care, from siding and roof repair to door and windows, and counts just as much inside with things like paint and flooring. These simple fixes can add a ton of resale value or give a great boost to your month-to-month profit, but it has to be done by the right people. 

Just like what we mentioned above, getting it done quickly might seem like the best course of action, but when the paint starts bubbling and peeling, doors and windows creak and groan, and improperly installed siding and shingles go flying off in the breeze, you’ll wonder why you didn’t go through the extra effort to hire Maintenance KC to fix it the right way. 

If You’re In Over Your Head, Contact Maintenance KC 

If you’re a better delegator than a handyman, you may not know the signs of some common issues that can cost you big money if they aren’t handled in a timely fashion. And that’s where the qualified services of Maintenance KC come in. 

We’ve been handling a variety of projects across this beautiful city, so we know what to look for when something stops working. Sometimes we can tell you what’s about to go before it’s even gone! Below, you’ll find some examples of common areas where projects can pop up, and how Maintenance KC can help come up with the perfect maintenance solutions. 

So why wait for another project to pile up on your list, or entrust the job to an unreliable and expensive contractor who can only handle one type of job? Maintenance KC has the tools, staff, and knowledge to handle every job that pops up on your property, and we do the job the right way. Contact us today for a free quote and watch those projects disappear. 

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