Home Maintenance: Doors and Windows

a wooden house under a blue sky
a wooden house under a blue sky

Why Should I Inspect My Home’s Doors and Windows?

When it comes to homes, you want protection to be the top priority. Protection for the home itself as well as for the ones inside of it. If you don’t maintain the integrity of your doors and windows, they will be prone to several problems that won’t be cheap to fix. Besides regularly checking your doors and windows for breezes, you should do extra inspections after a storm.  

After a storm, it’s essential to know what to look for when surveying your home for the safety of yourself and those around you. Always check the roof for loose shingles and debris, as well as broken gutters or holes. Water damage is also a big concern after storms due to the expensive effects it can have on the house if not dealt with. Effects like mold, mildew, & wood rot, not only have an impact on your home with costly repairs but also present health risks for you and your family.

Another costly repair you might be looking at after a storm is window repair. During big storms, you’re always advised to leave windows slightly open and stay away from them. This is because the pressure from the tornado winds or flying objects could shatter them. 

Even when you do everything right, your home, but specifically your windows, takes a beating. Ensure you are on top of repairing damages before a simple fix becomes very costly. 

Signs of Trouble: Door and Window Replacement

Things to consider when replacing doors

Your Door Make Lots of Noise

Nothing is more annoying to guests when there is a squeaky door to enter a home. Various things can cause a squeaky door, but here are some of the main reasons why. Most of the time, the fix is just realigning doors, fixing damaged door hinges, or other minor problems. Your door might be too loud because it’s not properly lubricated. Additionally, if the hinges are too tight or too loose, they can cause friction with the door itself, and this friction produces loud sounds.  It’s advised to get this fixed, especially if you are selling your home because it doesn’t make for a great first impression. 

Chilly Drafts at Night or During Storms
broken brown wooden door and a cracked wall

When a door is poorly fitted or damaged, it leaves significant gaps between the door frame. This gap allows the wind to enter at high speed leading to drafts throughout your house. You might even be able to hear the wind blowing through your door and it can disturb your sleep. If this is a problem you are dealing with, you need to fix the door immediately. Drafts not only are annoying but cause insulation problems causing higher electric bills and keeping you from a comfortable home temperature. Fixing these issues can end up saving you hundreds. 

Your Doors Won’t Stay Shut

If you lock your door and it still doesn’t stay shut, it can be a result of a couple of problems, such as a misaligned door or a shifting in your foundation. It could be that the lock just wasn’t installed correctly, or the whole frame could be shifted or damaged. If left unfixed it could lead to unwanted guests in your home.  The safety of you and your family would be at risk if left alone.  

Things to consider when replacing windows:

There’s Water Coming Through

If there is water coming through the window, that’s a massive sign that your window needs to be replaced. If this problem is left unhandled, it can lead to rot and more expensive issues to fix down the road. 

view of CN Tower from the boat
Your Windows get Foggy 

Windows occasionally fogging is expected due to humidity, but it might be a sign they need to be fixed if it’s a constant problem. This is a problem common in multi-paned windows due to faulty seals. If air and moisture get in between the window pane, it will lead to condensation build-up.  If this problem keeps recurring you could be losing lots of money due to your windows not being able to regulate the temperature.  Plus the presence of moisture leads to mold which is unsightly for you and your guests.  

Your Windows are Hard to Open

If your windows are hard to open or close and lubricant isn’t helping, then it could be time for a window replacement. This is because the windows could warp over time, causing the frame to be an ill fit for the actual window. 

Let Maintenance KC Handle Your Door & Window Repairs

If you find yourself with these problems and can’t fix them, reach out to us at Maintenance KC  and see what we can do for you. We are a well-respected and trusted maintenance repair company in Kansas City that can help you with your home troubles. Whether you are looking to replace a door, fix a window, repair your roof, or you are looking for a licensed and insured contractor to help you with your next big home project we are here to help.

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